Friday, November 16, 2012

The Years

Saw a lot of people sharing the photos of Nuffnang Events recently. The one of them is What's In My Bag and now is Back In Time. The two JaneS, Ashley, Shelyn... Can I know where you all get the themes? So, do I going to share too??hmm...No. haha But this really make me want to share to you all about the previous me. :) 

Because of the school's rules, if we want to have fringe, we must keep it up of our eyebrows. Girls I meant. Then I don't know why, maybe is the trend of fashion, all the girls have fringe on their forehead, some more is thick thick one. Heee.. *So that time I were in the trouble of having too much acne. I keep that kind of fringe too for 5 years! My whole secondary's life, because I felt it very cute!! :D And like this I do not need to go to saloon just only to cut it. I can do it myself since it is really a mickey mouse job. :)

Nahh !!! hahax :D

Well, I ended my high-school life with this appearance. Now, I keep the fringe grows longer and comb it to my left hand side. Will getting back the good condition of my forehead I think. :P Now the fringe is already somewhere my chin there. (y) 

My left hand side's medium length fringe. I like it so much so I don't want to change it until the time when I feel that it is annoying me. :3

Feel like to share a song for you. :) Enjoy. 


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