Saturday, December 15, 2012

BBQ Party♥

Already at the middle of December! But I only start my holidays, a little bit late but still feel please because I will have my 3 weeks more of semester break start from now! Wooooo.. The exam was went roughly to smoothly. But the last paper that we expected to be the hardest was not that hard. But I holded the book whenever even I'm sleeping or wherever I am, tried to memorize and understand as many as I can.Maybe we should trust our lecturer who said he would not gives any tips but he would only gives what is important. So, I'm just half-believe, half-doubt and I ate all the textbook!! *Choking. :\  After rain comes the rainbow right? So may god bless me. :)

After the last paper, we all suggested to have a BBQ party since we won't meet each other before next year. Sounds so long haha. The venue is Jane's house because she has the tool for BBQ. Before the BBQ party, I went to hair saloon at Queensbay because I got their voucher which is the promotion of coloring, wash, cut, blow and steam that only cost RM 85, and the original price is RM 415. I will write the more details on the coming post since it is not at the topic. :)

Okay, let's start the party! 
The girls. I'm at the most left who acted like a baby sister. :3 I like children very much, especially girls. =D

The family photo of four generations! =) Imma elder sister in this photo ! haha.

We cleaned the floor when the party ended. I'm not inside there because I finished brushing the floor. Heeee.. 

Ohya, before the party ended, we played a game and the punishment is SATAY because the satay are too much and nobody wants to eat. :\ So the game is in chinese and like marathon, 一只青蛙 跳进水里 Dommm 两只青蛙 两只青蛙 跳进水里 跳进水里 Domm Dommm....... like that haha. I just want to let you all know the game and it is really exciting and funny. Finally, I ate 2 satays. :)

Last, good night to you all. :) ♥ 

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