Saturday, December 22, 2012

#3 I-City


On the LRT, watching Tom&Jerry! :D

22nd, his exam day. On that day, I woke up a bit earlier because I need to wake him up since he wasn't sensitive to the alarm and if I didn't woke him, I think he would be late. :\ Basically I had myself somethings to do like blogging or FB-ing while waiting him for 2 hours, but surprisingly he came back within one hour !! So this meant he did well in the exam or he can't even understand those questions? Hmmm..Perhaps the former! :)

After packed our thingy, we headed to our next destination, I-City. No entrance fee is needed so everyone can go in except  those swings, pirate ship and Ferris wheel which need entrance fees.  [More informations look HERE.]
We reached there in the evening and we had our dinner at Kenny Rogger Roaster. The muffins really nice, especially the original flavor one!! 
He scared of this so we didn't play it. :D
There were so crowded!! So we walked in and out like bumper car... :\

The sunflowers blooming at night! :DD

Me and the snowman! Wee!!
Too sparkle but I still like this picture because this is the only one of the pictures I took with him. Better than none right ...:))

Well, we played this for the first time! The left is mine and the right is him. Lol..I'm not talent on archery..Hahaha

Ferris Wheel before we left I-city!! :) I hope I can visit to I-City again once I get a Professional Camera! ;D[23-12-2012]

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