Friday, December 21, 2012

#2 Nottingham


The trip of 21st was to go to his school. The reason is he had a exam on 22nd, so that we had to go back to the school earlier to do the preparation for the exam. :) On that day, we headed to Mid Valley to have our brunch. *Overslept. :\ 
Random Selca. :)
We had our brunch at Little Penang, I forgotten the name but I think it's correct if I'm not mistaken.. 70:30 okay? :) Well, the foods taste pretty good!! We  ordered a bowl of Prawn Mee and CharKoeyTiao. I lost the picture of the latter .. :( but all the CharkoeyTiao are the same, so doesn't matter lahhh.. :D

Prawn Mee !!

 We reached Nottingham at around 4 evening. It is huge spectacular and classy !! We had a nap and then went to the dinner! Tadaaa...Honestly it didn't taste good but still can be accepted haha.

We spent our night time by watching Despicable Me. A very cute funny and interesting movie! Here's the trailer.  :) Potato O O~~

21st was still a good day! Nothing had happened!! :) A very early morning scenery.

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