Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wedding dinner [30-12-2012]

Today, was a BIG day for them. The day they gave each other promises and held each other hands to walk on the meaningful red mattress! I'm now eighteen and I dreamt about my future and how is my husband and so my wedding! I'm absolutely a day-dreamer. I like the ambience inside the ballroom which convey the feeling of happiness. Although I'm not close to the bride but still, congratulations to you both and much happiness on your wedding day and future. May the love you share always continue to shine.

Light make-up with only Lipstick, mascara and foundation.

Small gifts. The chocolates taste good!!

My brother who really looks smart today!! *without tummy..xD

The first served. Little burger, diced chicken, paka, Leh Hu Bao, and sweet potato.

New tote bag from Voir. Weee

He is a little monster, a smart guy though! Cute-nya~~

 P/s Happy married life!

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