Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#7 Return trip


The return trip of us, as this was a long long trip, it's time to say goodbye since I'm homesick now! I miss my mom who always treat me as a mummy's girl and my brother who always pretend not to care about me but I know he does all the time ! :)

*For all Alor Setarian who always went to Genting, you can take Antar Holiday bus which will straight reach Alor Setar. The fare is 50 MYR per person. Well, you all can make the booking by calling them. Tel : 04-777 3333 and the time should be 1:30pm but I think the time isn't fixed so do call them for confirmation. Hope these information help you. :)

The late breakfast of us because we woke up at 11 am. *lol.. No more breakfast time when we were there so next time shall wake up earlier!! Hahaha.

Okay, I don't have more to blog about the last day of trip because we spent the most time inside the bus! :D I just can make it becomes one of my most memorable trips!

A big Thanks to everyone who accompanied me and those anonymous who helped me through the journey! Appreciated. Bless you! :) 

Sayonara to Genting Highlands! Perhaps the next trip to Singapore will goes smoothly! Heee.. :D

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