Monday, December 24, 2012

#5 Genting Highlands(Part 1)


The first day of us stayed at Genting Highlands. The day before this, we were worried about how we get the bus tickets from Sunway to Genting. After surfing the internet, we found that we can't board the bus at Sunway Bus Terminal but we can at 1 Utama's. I'm not clear with the reason, maybe the bus fulled or they not even picked up our phone. :\ So we just decided to go to 1 Utama. I can't remember the Company's name... but the location of the company is the first lot at 1 Utama Bus Terminal. :))
Sorry for my weary face since I was just woke up. :D
Luckily we can bought ourselves a ticket !! At this time, I just realized I missed out his long pants when I helped him to pack his thingy. What a big mistake I've done.. That's mean he had to wear short pants all the time at Genting? x) There was one  hour to go to the departure time so we just ran to the shop- UniQlo to seek for the long pants. Guess how long we spent to buy a long pants? Well, it's 15 minutes... :0 

I have to say that 1 Utama is really big and we can just walk and lost. As we thought we can remember the way come and finally ended up with finding directory. *LOL.. 
So here is a advise for y'all, kindly download the apps of 1 Utama map. Both android and Iphone are available. :)

This was the most creative decoration. It's also depends on how your aesthetic. But don't you think that this decoration was different with others which always have those christmas trees? :)

We reached Genting within one hour journey and we have to reach the top by cabel car. Actually I'm scared of it but the fact didn't as scary as I thought. Heee... :D

As I reached there, I found that my long-sleeve clothes can't even warm me up so I just 'snatch' my boyfie's jackets.. So I'm a bad galfie Haha.
While waiting for the check-in time, we went to watch a movie, The Hobbit. The movie was pretty nice but I can't just payed attention to the movie because I worried about my final exam's result. Thanks God I passed all and so lucky I got 2 A's!! Hahahahaha. 

The wind tried to blow me up to the sky.. =( Luckily I stepped tight on the floor.. Haishh Still, it's better to eat more and gain more weight...
Look weird with the boy's jacket. :3

// The day one at Genting passed like this. Nothing much beside that shopping and eat haha.
The next will be the Strawberry farm and snow world
Come back later yaaa !! ;)

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