Monday, December 17, 2012

Hair Coloring

Hello guysss, Christmas is here!!
So do you plan to travel to anywhere or some plans to fulfill your holiday? :)

I got a plan!! That's I will go for a trip to KL and Genting for around 7 days! Sounds good to spend my Christmas time at Genting right? I think there used to blast the Christmas songs 24/7! Can't wait Can't wait to get in the Chirstmas spirit!! 

Well, before the Christmas & CNY come, I did some preparation to make myself look better, or maybe I should said nicer?:\ As the title, I dyed my hair. I'm thinking of how I get started to blog about this all times and this post keep hiding as draft for few daysss. Heee...

So I shall start on why I went there. I always do my hair at my hometown because I thought Penang's a bit costly. Actually, we saw this promotion on ILoveDiscounts. It is a promotion from Hair Icon@Queensbay, Penang. The deal is sooo worth and the price is way cheaper!! Why I said so? Hmmm...How much do you expect to cost you when steam, cut, blow, wash and coloring come together? The promotion only cost me RM 85 instead of RM 415. Whaaaaat a steal ?! So I bought it without any doubt. Is it calls LADY who always can't resist the temptation? :3
Before Look.

Once the hairstylist reached me, he recommended me to dye copper brown that brings a little bit red according to the colour of my skin. Btw, the colour before I changed was brown that's slightly to yellow. Okay, I accepted since he is senior professional hairstylist so I guess he won't makes fun on my hair LOL..!! Then I told him I want to cut my hair to the hairstyle that can make my hair grows long faster because I don't really wish to straighten since it just makes the hair looks fake and unnatural. :\

Here's the outcome!! ;D

Using flash during night. The colour looks to be like this!

During day-time! Wondering why the colour of the second looks uneven. :(

P/s : Bought a L'oreal Mythic Oil Rich Oil , so far so good. :) And it really lets my hair become supple.


Lii Miing said...

When will u go genting?Mayb I'll be thr too..haha..
Ur last pic the hair colour so many colour..

Cindy 依沁 said...

24th and 25th ! =) when u will be thr??

Lii Miing said...

Yer..Mayb cancel jor..nt confirm yet.. we hvnt book the room..duno gt room nt...