Sunday, December 23, 2012

#4 Sunway


Well, I went to Sunway Pyramid on this past Sunday. Actually we wanted to go to Sunway Lagoon since we have years never been there and I really miss there so much, but finally we can't made it due to my 'big' problem. :( So we just made it becomes a shopping day... 

The outer decorations of Sunway Pyramid ! :) Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all da way! 
Inner decorations ! Luxury lights.. :D

Let's have a break now ! :)

Starbucks signature hot chocolate! Our all time favourite!

Muffin from Starbucks !! Heee :D
After had our high tea, we went to Popular to read some books and probably was to kill the time. :) 
A random selca. =)
A book of Micheal Jackson.. 

This was a book I found on the recommended rack. Quite cute the stories and the drawings :D 

*wink. ;)

P/s Good night all. :) Stay tuned for the next post yaaa, Thankss! =D

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