Saturday, December 15, 2012

Street Arts,Penang.

This will be a long long post full of pictures. :)
My pinky bike! =D

This was a bicycle travel of me last week. A sudden decision of sock nee and I since we want to have a travel to find those street arts badly. A sunny morning, around 9 o'clock, we reached Lebuh victoria which is near to Jetty. We went there to rent bicycles because bicycles were more convenient to shuttle those lorongs after all. Under the bright sun, I became darker. :( Sad case. Why I take risk with the sun without apply sunblock? :(

*The price for the rented bicycle is RM 10 per time. 

The first destination was Chew Jetty! Can you see the wall paint? :( It is already dilapidated. Because of the high humidity at there, maybe? 

Location : Chew Jetty. 
And the next next next street arts we found are in the disorder form. Haha I can't remember where we found them even the sequences. So, I will try to Google search about their locations so that they can be your references. :)) Wait ar...
Location : Lebuh Armenian.

Lebuh Ah Quee. Rawwwrrrr..
恩尼斯的壁画被人恶搞,恶搞者多画了一只卡通凶猛“恐龙”追逐“追风少年”来咬不料恩尼斯“将计就计”,还多画了一幅小孩勇敢用一条绳子牢牢钳住恐龙,形成一副画中有戏的趣味画面,还幽对手一默!』- Extracted from here .
Location : Lebuh Ah Quee. Behind  the motorbike is the dinosaur.[Above] 
The broken heart is at Love Lane.
Lebuh Cannon. I got phobia when I'm standing on the wood. Look like rotten already what... ><
Lebuh Cannon. Tadaa !! Like this.
[NEW] Step by Step Lane. See! the girl was laughing at me. ;D

[NEW] Location : Gat Lebuh Chulia.( Opposite the Step by Step Lane)Hmmm... This is the new street art. The theme is Basketball player. Same outfit with the girl? Haha

This is a shop which sell the souvenir thingy, but we entered the shop just to take photo. haha xD 

Fluffy bear!! 

Bought a butterfly made by a very friendly uncle. :)
LoveLocks Ice-Cream!
The trait of this shop shall goes to these locks! Everyone can buy the lock from this shop and write something on the lock. Lastly, lock it on the chain. That's mean lock the relationship either friends or couples. 
This shop only provide one flavor of ice-cream-Coconut flavor. But then the ice-cream really taste GOOD!! Some more we can add toppings like Frozen Yogurt!! *Thumbs up.
Recommend to have a try. The location is  just beside Love Lane.

Cornflakes, Jelly, Oreo, Choco chips, Candy.

Attachment : Map for Street Art Seekers. :)

Wish you all have a last-long relationship, friends or couples. :) TATA!!

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