Saturday, February 23, 2013


                                               ⊂   ノ    ・゜+.
                                                しーJ   °。+ *´¨)
                                                       .· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
                                                            (¸.·´ (¸.·’* *

As usual, we were worrying about where to have our lunch on this Thursday. This is a problem for us everyday no matter we have class or not. *damn it food!  So we decided to go to this restaurant for lunch! Recommended by a lot of people, and now by me! Their food really taste good! *Thumbs up!  

The Food Shop is actually geometrically located at Jalan Macalister which  near to Komtar! There is hard to find a parking lot so don't drive is the best or else you need to move around tat area and when there is traffic jam, all mood spoil! hahaha. 
On that day, we sat Rapid bus to the destination but ended with pressed the stop button too early and need to walk a long road to reach there. hehe. Silly us. Luckily the weather wasn't hot so still felt relaxed to walk. The shop isn't big but the decoration is pretty and the place is clean so is a good choice for those who like to take pictures. *me?LOL Their foods didn't costly so is very worth to spent on it!

The first reached. 
Captured by Sock Sock! The hot soya as drink.
Playing with the Ipad mini. Damn clear the outcomes.
Cheesy pork rice ordered by me.Taste good! The sauce too!
Ordered by Jane. 伤心麻辣面. She ''cried'' after ate this bowl of noodles. Haha very spicy!!! Veritable.
Ordered by Sock Sock. Is 柴鱼。
Weiyi's one. Forgot what it is actually. hehehehe
Have a lastly group photo before we leave.
Went to Komtar to take Rapid back to school. Peak hour so we were late to class for roughly 15 minutes.
Like very common for us to be late! hahahahaha Selca always for us!

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