Saturday, March 2, 2013

China House

Another food post again after " The Food House"..
I felt like I had spent too much on eat! LOL 
Okay, now the post is all about China House. A western restaurant maybe. *They don't have chicken chop..\O_O/ 
This isn't the point so let me bring some information here! China House is located at Lebuh Victoria. Ermm...Near to the wall arts there. More obvious is beside the Bomba at Lebuh Victoria.
I think China House is so popular because of it decorations. I not so likey their food but still can be accepted.

Let's look at the captions. :)

Welcome to China House !!
Upstairs. Full of furniture...
The menu for night time I suppose.
Nobody stay at here but the other side is full of people. Maybe this side is for the nighty activities. hmmm
Upstairs. Captured when walking.. hehe
A sign as a prove that I visited here. hahaha

Toilet's mirror~ 

The middle of the restaurant. Actually China House can be separate into three parts. middle is like this. 

The upstairs view.

middle part.

Middle part middle part. walk through the round round circle to go in the restaurant..

The cakes..

This is the side that we had our lunch!! 

Tadaaaaa a very big portion so we only ordered one and it's enough for us!! This sandwich cost us

Drinks recommended.
Drawing her hello kitty. hahaha
We ended up with bring not enough cash because we expected there will accept credit card. Yes, they do but the machine was broken. OMG
So I left her alone and drive to find an ATM. Pity us! Next time should bring enough cash or else we probably will need to wash the plates at there hahahahaha..

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