Friday, March 22, 2013

Biggest surprise from my family.

I remember I ever talked about my dream laptop! 
Old laptop has aged around 10 years I suppose. Sot sot dei..
When the Asus S400CA finally is available, I'm so longing for it.
But my mom always not allowed me to buy. LOL
Well, she was right because my old laptop wasn't totally broken.

This year, the advance of S400CA is available.
That is 15.6 inch and get extra a 3x3 numbers keyboard!
It's too big so I still prefer the 14 inch.Hahaha

When I came back from KL, Sin ai meet me at airport and fetched me home.
Weekend so nobody at home except us.

When I reached the gate, I saw Sinai's phone's camera was opening. Feel weird so asked her why it was opened. The reply is accidentally pressed it. 
I'm not a cranky girl who know only a small things and imagine until can relate to the world. LOL

When I entered my room, I saw a 15.6 inch Asus on my little table!!
First sight only was shocked and think ''WOW!! Who bought this LAPTOP?!!'''
Until I saw my name on the screen after one second.
So surprise and I force myself not to cry because of shyness... hahaha

Okay, I'm really happy and I'm so happy to have my family!
Thanks brother who planned all of this, how sweet you are. :D
Thanks mom who finally allowed me to have a new laptop although it was only my birthday.. :')
Thanks papa who still remember and tried to make me felt warm that you are just beside me..=D

Well, I'm so used to the new stuff.
Learning how to use the windows 8.
Touch screen make me more convenient when sliding through the FB !! 
Most important is new laptop won't shut down accidentally!! YEYYYYYY

Lastly, I posted a video of my extreme reaction.
Thought thousands of times that should I post it out? Because I really look ugly inside the video! 
But but but...
I still posted, because I want to share my happiness to you all.
No matter is my funny face or funny reaction, as long as you laugh. :)

Signing out. :))

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