Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm officially 19 !! =D

Guess I'm the happiest girl in the world when my birthday reached!! 
I get what I want, every year. Envy me? hahahaha 
I guess everyone would received what they want when their birthday. So I'm just showing off because I just got my wants two weeks ago!! Still fresh in mind.

This year, I went to KL to meet my boy since last year he came back and gave me a surprise.
Before this, I dear myself to had my first time nail art at Nail Profile, Queensbay.
Cost me RM 60 but I'm so satisfied on it. Just the diamonds easy to drop because I'm too clumsy.. haha

Reached KL at around 7pm. Check in the hotel and we went to Dragon-I which located at the lobby of Hotel Boulevard.
When we were having the dinner, I realized that the plan he mapped out had failed because I reached too late and I chose Dragon-I instead of the western restaurant. 
Cute boy placed the cake at the western restaurant. =D 

Finished our ''romantic'' dinner, took the cake and return to the hotel. 
Although the plan failed but still felt damn touching because I know how rush was him to prepare all of these!!
A birthday song and an accompany are enough for me. :)

See what he prepared for me.
A pure rich chocolate cake!!
My favorite chocolate~~~ 

This year's lovely present from boyfie!
A platinum necklace.
Unique design as what he likes is always unique!
So I always said that I'm unique. =D


The next day, we went to Mid valley and we settled our lunch at Plan B.
My order was a big burger and his was a plate of spaghetti.
So delicious and the burger and the cheese taste lingers on the palate.

See the picture to know how they attracted me!! =D

Till now still don't know how to ix this with water because the taste before adding water is already just right.
My honey lemon! I poured all the honey inside and lead to over sweetness of my drinks... =.=
The spaghetti !! OMG craving for it again... my first time that I'm so in love with this cheesy spaghetti. 
My chicken burger! How big the portion is!

Bought this becuase of my lovest rilakkuma!!

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