Saturday, March 2, 2013

Traveling #1

Always captured this everytime I reached Genting!! Love paris!
My February trip and this made me achieved my resolution that I set on New Year 2013!!Woohoo Well, I stated that I want to travel abroad so badly. Now my family and I went to S'pore for two days but only considered as one day. Cause we reached there in the evening and went back M'sia on the next day evening. So frank that we are so rushhhhhh!! Okay talk about my S'pore trip later.

My mom wanted to go to Genting before we depart to S'pore. So,we arrived Genting on Sunday evening. Actually me and my brother planned to play the outdoor's games but we only have few hours so not worth for us lah.. some more the humidity was high. So we just stayed indoor.
Like nothing to do at Genting when no outdoor. So we brought along my grandma to the DingDing there. So sorry to grandma because we bored her. hahaha. Played for few hours and finally got 400++ points but still can't get any free gift.. Next we went to Starbucks, treat my grandma a tall flower tea. ;)


Chocolate chips and the tea. Weirdo who ordered ice-blend at Genting.. COLDDD...

P/s : The day ended with a window shopping with my grandma, watched movie alone inside the room and sleeeept until the next morning haha. Then depart to LCCT!!

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