Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Traveling #2 @ S'pore!!!

When I was a kid, I had been to Singapore once. 2013 was the second time of me to be there. *happy!! Actually the trip was suggested by my mom who watched a review of Universal Singapore and then she was so excited to have a look there. :D We went there on 25th of February until 26th. Only one night can us spent and idk why we so rush. >,< 

Before departed to Singapore, we went to Genting. Wrote in the last post. We went to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal(LCCT) and  had a shopping and I bought a pair of Sembonia shoes!!! *Excited!!:D 
Mommy Me and Grandma.

clouds darkening. \o_o/

my seat!!!

Reached Singapore within one hour!! Took taxi to reach our hotel-Hotel Micheal which located at Sentosa. :D cost us S30... >,<

Night scene of Singapore!!

The next morning outfit! Ready to Universal Studioooo!!!!

I'm coming home!!! Brought the rain back to Malaysia!!

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