Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Experienced Beach Party for the First Time!

My First time celebrating birthday by the sea!! Ah sock's wishes but this time wasn't for her..:/ Must plan a party for her also next time! hahaha

Planned this silently on that day. We bought balloons and Weiyi bought the white chocolate cake! Hehehehe chocolate again! =P
This plan seems to be perfect!! I blew the balloons and wrote the capitals on each of them. 
Jane practiced the birthday song by using her brother's guitar.
Well, she cut her nails which just done the manicure for few days to play the guitar!!

Everything went smoothly until we reached the Paradise beach! Some were late and we reached there at around 11pm. (Surprise given at 12a.m) .
When we were waiting for the birthday girl and her boyfriend, we were also waiting for the dudes who not yet reached.
OKAY! Now all reached but the birthday girl also suddenly appeared!!


Actually she was very happy because we celebrated with her!
Every years, her birthday was fall on exam week so no body celebrated with her.
Nah the pictures taken during the celebration. No more because Ken(her boyfriend) didn't upload for us. =.=

The birthday girl!!!


Lii Miing said...

u n ur tat same face same wear the same shirt tim~~

Cindy 依沁 said...

hahahaah twins leh! :P