Saturday, April 13, 2013

Piled up my week.

Sorry for abandon my blog for a so long period, claim for forgiveness because I just started my new semester this week! Well, this is my 5th semester and it means that I'm going to complete my diploma after one more semester! So great, thus I want to proceed to degree for only two years and the two years later, I'll wear a graduation cap as what I'm looking forward right now! *Giggle. :D Quite busy for my work and so for my studies recently but the fact is I'm too lazy to update anything of me. LOL

Went to have a 2 1/2 hours facial at Farlim, squeezed all the blackheads and acne out from my skin and now is so fresh and look like an apple! My face swollen after the facial !!  Omg really bad..* No picture available to prevent bombard. Hope my skin will recover as soon as possible....Hehe Well, I bought a set of trial set of Caroline. Trying now and it's good so far. Consider to buy a set of it!

Anyway, the days were good because I had caught a movie called '' Ah boys to men 2'' !! I think all of you know this movie well right? I'm kinda outdated because I watched this movie only few days ago, that's when this movie are roughly to down. Enjoyed the movie with my lovely huihui and janejane and my new loved Uniqlo jacket!! Now, I'm so falling to Joshua and Lobang !! So like their characters and Can't deny, JackNeo's movie is really awesome!!  I just found out Joshua's blog and I'm going to read all of them and tell my friends about him hahahaha Humming the recruits song all the time but cant memorize the rapper part by Sargent Ong!

I just bought a big bow that I searched for so long! Finally I found it at Gurney when I went thr for window shopping hahah Chose pink as it is my favorite colour or can say that the other colours ain't my taste. Then the next time I saw another bows at Bonita, quite okay but I don't like it, Huihui like it instead! Different people different tastes hahahaha

Next next, I bought food again. Money in purse mostly spent on food lol... Bought 3 packs of popcorn from Popcorn Planet because I can get one pack free!! So many choices as they have 9 of different flavours. Kimchi, Chocolate, Original, curry, Seaweed, caramel, cheese, wasabi and one more I forgot the name! hahahaha Nice popcorn but I personally don't like that seaweed's flavour! I love caramel and cheesy!! =D

Chilled at Station One with my boy on the first week of April and had the chocolate ice-cream! *Dessert lover!  First time ate  such scrumptious chocolate ice-cream!! Maybe is me never try Haagen dazs before? 

P/s : My boy wished me Happy Valentine's Day just now! Feel so warm because I never thought he will still remember every 14th to wish me! <3 
By the way, I wish you all a happy valentine's Day! Stay sweet for me and you . :)

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