Saturday, April 27, 2013


Currently, I'm a part-timer at Unisys and so a student at KDU. People think that the fees required to study at KDU is quite high but for me, it's not. If you did well in your SPM or Percubaan as well, you can get a lot of discount and scholarship. I'm the one under Scholarship holder that get 60% off. Nearly to complete my diploma and I just became a mentor of Diploma in Business. Sorry my mentees for no contact you all. haha

Well, KDU's timetable is quite loose since this semester we only have 3 days class a week. Since last semester, I joined a part-time work at Unisys that the working times are flexible around. Is very convenient to the students like me. 

All I did during working is key in data and check the cheques, sometimes will be free to fold the boxes. Quite easy but the job so hurt the eyes because we keep looking at the desktop screen for hours. Not the long-term job so I'm sure to work for only short-term until my diploma end. So now is just to earn the basic spending and to kill time! 

Don't know why I will blog about this but cincai lah  hahaha I just want to keep my blog alive! Hmm.. actually I got a lot of things to blog but somehow I felt I have no time to blog about them LOL

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