Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's Labour Day!!

Hello guys! Belated Happy Labour Day to not only workers and too students! How was your labour day? I guess you all might be spent with family and friends, right? Well, I spent my day with my cousin. We didn't hang out together after quite a long time! Now I quite know the route to her house. * The pros of driving, get to know more of more routes! (y) * Since it was labour day and I were super free so I planned an outing with her.

But then, the outing was at night so I spent my day time with weiyi @ All Season! Had Sushi King as our lunch. A very unexpected decision made by me as I'm a Sushi-hater. *Should I say so? Because I'll craving for sushi for sometimes! I 'discovered' a Japan food fair at All Season! $$$ gone again! I found kitkat with greentea flavour, I didn't like the greentea but I love kitkat! So I just give it a try. Hope I will like it! :)

Election is coming soon! So, who will you vote to? For penangties, I think most of them will vote for DAP.
But then I don't know about others. I'm not so into the political issues, somehow I don't know why this year I'm so care about the election! 改朝换代,告别腐败!Maybe I nearly turn to age 21 so my political awareness turns stronger slowly too? LOL

Penang is full of the flags and banners of those parties. DAP's still okay but let's take a look on BN's.
[ Pictures taken from Google]
Can they just save the flags and make them more meaningful and rewarding? Tsk Tsk..

A public holiday's post updated! :) 

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