Sunday, May 12, 2013

New banggggss

Posts spamming before I start to prepare my mid-term exam! Today, I'm gonna show you all my new bangs! I think most of my friends knew that I cut my long fringe into short bangs! Prolly some ig followers knew it too? :D Here's my ig!

I kept it for one year so hardly but now I cut it short like a doll because friends around me complained that I'm looking OLD! Damn it OLD made me cut the fringe that I kept for so long time!  So not willing to cut it but what to do if I want myself to look younger? hahaha On the day before the election, I went to Vmatch to trim my hair and of course cut my fringe! Support Ubah so I also UBAH!!! :D Before I decided to cut it, I hesitated for months then finally I chose the day before election. LOL

Cut+wash+blow costed me RM 25. Quite cheap. :)

Am I look better with bangs? hahahahah

I think I look better with bangs! I like my bangs that make me look younger! :D

Recently, I'm so addicted to Joshua Tan! An actor in Ah Boys To Men who act as Recruit Ken Chow. 
I changed my desktop wallpaper to the photos of the team and him. :D hahahah so handsome!!!

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AnnTan said...

looking adorably cute!!!