Saturday, May 11, 2013

He is officially 22 !!

Hello people! Now it is midnight, I ain't studying or surfing net but I just finish celebrated my brother's birthday. He is a may baby who born exactly on Mother's Day. This year he is so lucky to fall on Sunday together with Mother's Day after the year that he was born. I think there are still some years between that fall on Mother's Day. Well, I felt my mom is so good in choosing the date as my brother was on Mother's Day and mine was on Women's day! hahaha

Cake from Kek Sayang. Taste Good!! =D

Now my brother is officially turned to 22! OLD man transforming! Happy Birthday again. :) Wish you happy always healthy always fat fat always and sayang me always! hahaha This year I didn't give him any present, but if a cake is counted, then I did. LOL I have no time to buy and of course no money also. Wonder why I always felt myself are busy all the time but actually not so. Maybe I need to work, I need to go for classes... blablablaaa... I still remember I gifted him a CK shirt last year, but recently I'm totally bankrupt! No more money to spend. :( Shit me still bought a new spec with a sipek high value! Stupid me ''tao kak pai'' ! :\

This year we celebrated the birthday very simple, just with my family and one of his friend. He doesn't want the birthday song because of his paiseh-ness. hahaha The different of this year is this year my father came back and celebrated together. So warm and I didn't have this feeling for so long. :)

He said if we didn't captured a photo of him then he refused to cut the cake! :D

WTF he cut the ''O''!!! 

Why I look so nerd and weird here... T___T

Gor Gor, I don't know when will you see this, but I'm sure you will. :) Just to tell you that I'm so glad to have you. Thanks to be my such good and funny company in my life and thanks for asked mummy to born me! hahaha I'm so appreciate you. You helped me to solve my problems, you listened to me, you bought food for me when I'm hungry*Somtimes only. :\ , you tolerate with me when I'm not in a good mood....blablablaaa... YOU ARE SO CUTE! How I don't love you?! :D Happy birthday! Photobucket

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