Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kek Lok Si

The view from the high. :)
Today's post is about my one-day trip with my friends at Kek Lok Si. Actually we were just planning to have an activity for today since we have no class. So Miss Tan suggested us to have a walk at Kek Lok Si because she said there are a lot of decorations. Trip began!
See how hungry they were. :(

This was the first scene we saw when we walk to the end of those street shops. Feed them with vege that cost RM 1. We bought two packets of vege to feed them. They might be very hungry because I don't think the person in charge will feed them on time. :(

Too exhausted so we refused to climb up there. Heehee

Post card pattern! Yay? :)

Tang Lung all the way!!

Selca :) Sock nee- Me- Jiahui
Saw this big mirror and customary selca! We are girls hahaha 

Bought maltose as I didn't eat it for years!! One for RM 1.50. New cap at one of those street shops at very cheap cost, RM 5.00, bought it without hesitation. Feel happy finally I have my own cap!

Random shot!

The cute snake! In love with U La La!

Next, we sat cable car to have a look on GuanYin Statue! Two way tickets for RM 4.00. Air-Conditioner inside that cable car so no worry if the weather is hot. :)

No much people went there when we were there, maybe it was too early but see the sunlight! It was already noon! Learn this Love pose from Sun Yan Jae. Don't know if I spell it rightly >,<

Inside cable car - Kek Lok Si.
Eating maltose! Plum flavour.

Haha Look at her face! Acting angry because we didn't look at the camera when she wanted to have a picture with us!! :D

Spot at my blue nails!
Mickey mouse? Well, I'm a pig! OMG so ugly =.=

Lastly ! The majestic GuanYin Statue!

The end.
The one-day trip of us wasn't perfect because we have no chance to eat the Best Laksa - Ayer Itam Laksa at Kek Lok Si. :( Next time must have a try !!


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