Friday, January 25, 2013

Can't Accept the truths

Hello! How are you all recently? Did the month be good with you? For me, I don't think I have a good time with it. I don't know do you realize that I stopped to blog for a week and more? But I am so 'suffer' during this period because my laptop was gone!! According to myself understanding, I think the problem is the display system because I can't even saw the screen when the laptop is started. I just can see the rainbow colour all over my screen. *I just don't know how to describe!! Okay, when I got this and I tried to restart restart everyday but the condition didn't change so I'm like OH YESSS!! finally it is gone!! :D 

Fyi, my laptop is a very very old model of Acer that can't even install the microsoft 07..:\ It is just like a rubbish because my brother gave it to me when he wanted to buy a new laptop. I'm so kind after all. Basically, the laptop has many problems. For instance, the bluetooth's and the wifi's button, the fan, the outdated microsoft, the display(most recent), the battery, and the most important is it will shuts down suddenly!! :@
Okay, complaining all the way but I'm get used of it so still feel not so willing to change it...

So yay, I've did some research on laptop and I'm attracted by a model of Asus!! So happy because my mom allowed me to get one but something happened again...I'm writing blogpost now, with my this Old Acer. Yess, my laptop was recovered by itself since I left it for one week!! *WTH Feel happy or sad because this may ruin my Asus Dream. OMGGG...

Skip that, talk about my new semester! I've started my new sem on the beginning of the January and now it had passed the first 3 weeks and I'm going to face my Mid-Term!! OMG again! The time flies so fast...can you please walk? :\ This sem isn't as easy as I thought but I'm sure that I will study hard hahaha

P/s: A long-all-only-words post. I'm so down because I lost my ring which is same with my two friends.. :'( aww..

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