Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello !! Finally I'm here to blog about my new year's resolutions! Quite a hot topic for those famous one but I'm not famous at ALL !! So what, I still can blog about it too because I'm also a normal human! Woot~ How about your new year's resolutions? What I'm thinking is, we should have new resolutions every single year to let us work on them since it is a new beginning right?? Of course some people will still remain their new year as a same old story.. :\ I'm not sure about mine.. maybe 50-50 that shall bring the new's and old's together? :3

Last night, I had insomnia, with no reason one. :S So I thought about what I'm going to do in this year and finally got a conclusion. Well, fyi, I'm a person that is very very easy to satisfy, sometimes. :) HeeeHeee! Let's see!

#1 Beautiful long hair
This length is good and perfect! =)
Do you know how sad am I ? :( I leave my hair long since I graduated from high school, now should be roughly one year already or maybe more than that! During this period, of course I had went to salon to have some haircuts. But then I told them to trim, that's only cut a little bit but seem like they didn't understand so now I have a shoulder-length hair... I don't want to have any haircut in this year!!! *LOL Just kidding. The real one is I'll take care of my hair and perhaps it will grows long faster under my utmost care?

#2 Travel abroad.

I'm so so so wanting to travel to another country because it had been so long since the last time and I can't even remember when was it. Some more my mom is a superwoman and she can't leave for too long. That's why we always can't travel together.This is the resolution for me, every year but no one come true.. :( Hehehehe I think this year this hope can be fulfill because we are now planning for a travel ! Yea, with my family!!

#3 Job

I don't think I have much time to spent on JOB, but wonder why I still want to look for a job. Actually there are a lot of factors that I have to think over like will the time crash with my study, if I use my car how my housemate going to live, how if I'm homesick and how if I miss my Miss Tan hahahaha so everything is still an unknown! Just go with the flow! I really want to have a job lahh so that I have some income to buy the things I want! :3

#4 Graduate
Cute Ladybug!
This year is my last year of diploma at KDU! I'll graduate on December and I wish all these sems will go smoothly and popi popi I'll graduate together with my batch!! Pray hard. I know it is hard because all courses will have their certain degree of difficulties and for sure I'll work hard on it!! Gambateh to myself and my friends!!

#5 Weight
Weight is a secret!
WT stupid resolution but this really is my wish because I'm scared of being blow up by the wind! LOL Honestly, I'm too thin!! By the way, I ate more than others, I spent more on foods than others! What the hell am I going like wasting the wonderful foods.  I ever said to myself that I should be glad because I can eat without any worries compare with the people who always care about the calories! Yea I'm glad but please do let me feel that I ate something and I absorbed those nutrition! Hmm maybe I should eat more and more!Ohya, I'm worrying that what my mom said. She said my case, now I can eat without worries but once I reach a certain age, I will become very very very fat! Is that true? :S 

Actually I have some more but they are not so necessary. :3
Okay, these are mine and how about yours? :) 

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