Monday, February 11, 2013

First day of CNY 2013!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!
Selamat Tahun Baru Cina!!!!

Today was already the thrid day of CNY, that's chu san(初三)...!! So fast the time flies...
How are your CNY? Is it great? 
So now I will blog about my chu yi, first day of CNY!! Well, I saw many bloggers blog about their CNY post so I think I'm not only the one who are feeling bored during CNY! hehe

Let's start to watch the fireworks at 12.00 am on 10/02/2013. let off by my mum!
Shooting from a long distance because I felt scared when standing under the fireworks! :\ 
Hmmm... the outcomes still not so bad but after I set it to X-large, they became blurrrrr, so..enjoy!:)

Donno what is this hahahaha

Lastly! The prettiest that I captured! Yay?
On the early in the morning of Chu Yi,(actually not so early because we wake up at around 10 am) I went to my grandparents house(father's side) which strategically located at Sungai Petani! As usual, took angpaos as we reached there! 
And when I greet my aunt, she can't recognized me and asked who am I... hahaha she said I changed a lot! 
Got meh... :3

The outfit of the day! Feel like myself like christmas tree.. not used to wear so many accessories..hahaha
Accessories are from Taobao.
OOTD. Feeling weird when the black rose stoking match with the white lace heels... omo...
A pair of very unique earrings! *kiss*

Bracelet with four champs! Wonder how to deal with the over long one. so I just guling guling and dot!
 Nah like this hahahaha

Random selca before depart!
We spent the time at there with only eat gamble eat gamble. nothing much!
When no gambling, we eat. When we are full, we gamble again hahaha
This year, we have steamboat with two flavour of soup...Not same with previous year because we always had buffet before.

This year didn't have some luck because I lose Quite a lot during gambling... T_T
Don;t Gambling is the best hahahaha
but it is okay if we are happy right haha

Captured by brother!

Doggy Doggy be good with snake ya ;)

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