Thursday, September 19, 2013

Celebrate His 19th. ♥


First of all, I have to state that this is an over-over-overdue post as this celebration post suppose to be up on the first week of September. As usual, my reasons are always the same, is because of my studies and laziness. *kill me. So for your information, 29th of August was his, my boyfriend's birthday. I'm not very sure about whether he wants to make it private but OH DEAR! I want everybody know it. :P

Sounds so high profile. :\

That's always dilemma when choosing a present for boyfriend. Yup for girls, that's easy. But think how can we girls buy for boys as presents? Belt...Wallet... Clothes... Handcraft... Accessories for some boys maybe? Or electronics thingy for those who can afford? LOL Seriously I can't think more out of them. I don't mind if you all give me suggestions so that I can have a clue on his next birthday!*wink*
I planned to buy him a couple shirts few months ago and I kept scrolling through the FB to catch some pretty clothes but damn all shirts were not into my heart. Until one day I saw a page selling the couple shirt, printed Everlasting on top. The clothes are so high-quality and they fit us very well! And guess what, these clothes were designed by the owner of the shop and they are limited! Check her shop here .

Well, clothes were not enough because I think I made it way too rash. So I made an Oreo cheese cake as a birthday cake for him! OH MY GOD I'm too talented!!! This was the first time I bake a cake by myself. I can't cook I can't even bake cookies or jellies. I tried to make the cake before the birthday and the half of the cake I left at my hometown for my mom and the left I brought for my friends to try too. That's not my first cake because my mom and brother helped me to place the mold, cut the lemon, pour the sugar and vanilla etc like what I have to do was beaten them. :\

Used Hershey's to write the words! 
He came back on the night of his birth date so I think we celebrated after 12. The cake was inside my room and when he reached my house he saw the cake was on the table! I'm not sure but I think he WAS happy! Don't you dare to say you're not happy? :P He made wishes, blew candle, cut cake and here come the most important moments! EAT THE CAKE. He asked, '' Eh you buy from outside and remove the box ar?'' DEAR MR OOI, I baked one leh... Then I keep asked him, '' hao chi ma hao chi ma?'' Means taste good or not. *with threatening eyes* :D

FINALLY he said he likes the cake. Hmmm feel a little bit relief and proud. HAHAHA
My mom found the silver plate for me. hahahaa
yours truly.
Love you my boy, always and never end. 

I learned the steps from this video as I found it is the easiest cake to be done! LOL I don't know how to function an oven and this Oreo Cheese Cake no need an oven but just a fridge. OMG SO GOOD! Nah here the video, learn it and you won't regret. ;)

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AnnTan said...

awwwh so cute!! yaya, it's always this problem when you have to find present for your bf. i think what matters most is something that connects with you and him ( :