Monday, August 19, 2013

Miam Miam --> Bens

Bello guys!

It's the third week of my semester break! That's the last week too! Anyway, this gonna be the most boring holiday because I didn't go any places, instead of working at Penang and now ved out on my bed. :\ I think I forgot about the first week of my holiday that I spent at Sunway Lagoon? Awwwie the boredom is killing me now! Some serious thingy is, next week is my last semester school reopen! Last Semester, sounds quite challenging but the past semester's result makes me more confident! Fight for my diploma!

Okay so before came back to my hometown, I had lunch with my lovely friend at Miam Miam, Paragon. Before that, I suggested Miam Miam and Mustache House for her and she chose Miam Miam. We are definitely a foodaholic! So I drove her together to Paragon.

They do serve warm or cold water when we were seated. So good huh!

We took quite a long time to decided what to eat because the choices are quite limited. Finally we ordered a Miam Miam spaghetti and Bacon Carbonara. The tastes were so so only as my carbonara was just too milky without the taste of cheese. :(

We shared a drink call mango smoothies mixed with banana.

After our lunch, we went to Bens that beside of Miam Miam to have a dessert.
We ordered a black chocolate cake with Vanilla ice-cream! OMG the cake was so NICE!!
I'll be definitely back to there!

The table topic.

Black chocolate cake with Vanilla Ice-cream.

P/s The parking lot at Gurney Paragon really sucks! =.=

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