Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Conjuring

Hey! Just guess what I'm going to share here.
Yupppp I watched a new movie that calls The Conjuring!
A horror, supernatural kind of movie that I always love to watch!
 But, I was so scared sometimes. :\ Don't you expect me to be brave like my cousin? Ohh She is insane!
She watched those kind of movie without a fear, won't scream or cover her eyes neither!
Candidly admit defeat.

Well, I wasn't inside the cinema when I was watching this.
I was inside my room instead.
Yes The Conjuring can now found through internet!
You can watch the movie online now!!!
I wonder if you all know about that?
One of my friend shared me the links but after that I found it content unavailable.
Maybe they removed it and I'm guessing the reasons. :3

So, my cousin sent me another link.
I watched it quite some times, about 3 times.
The last was just now, watched together with my brother!

People might think there is lack of the feeling of fear if watch inside our own room.
The screen of laptop isn't big enough.
No HD.
No popcorn No pepsi.
No friends.
No awesome sound effect.
Okay, I knew that but I prefer to save my money! Hahaha

So here is the link! A FB page that shared the whole movie that separated into 8 parts.

Click to the left to find the rest of the parts!

I was so shocked when I found that the director is a Malaysian, named James Wan.
He is such a gifted scholar!

If you are same with me who not really need to go to cinema or haven't watch the movie yet,

click into the link and leave it.
Grab some snacks and water.
Close the lights and sit properly.
Star at the screen and enjoy the movie!

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