Friday, August 9, 2013

Once Again ★

Dear my friends, I'm here to blog again the girl's birthday. Yup I did wrote a post about it too last year, so same for this year! For your information, the birthday girl was born on 1st of August, how ''zhun''. She is Jia Hui, a very pretty girl but always described herself as a wack. *She threaten me sometimes. :(
So this topic of post gonna be the annually post! I think we will celebrate with her every year? :\ The answer might be yes because she will remind us a month before her birthday like start with ''My birthday is at 1st August leh''. We know that and no point for us to forget. LOL

This year, we planned a surprise party for her, secretly. Haaaa if not secretly how a surprise did. The week before her birthday, we were all having exam, final exam, so we were no time to plan a celebration for her. She knew that so maybe she didn't expect so much too? Well, Jane and I actually made a draft about the surprise party during the week. 
The left is the birthday girl!
(You can skip this. HAHA)
The plan goes like this: We went to work on that day. I purposely woke up late since we always start to work on afternoon. (I can wake up late too if not purposely. :D) Then we went to work after lunch. When we finished our work, we told her Weiyi went back to Alor Setar because of something urgent ( I think this surprised her the most, stupid. hahahaha). We fetched her to Paragon to redeem the free cake (to delay the time because our friends not yet done the preparation.) and after that we went to Love Bite! We walked into the section which can accommodate around 11 people. There was dark because they closed the lights as she can see the balloons hung on the wall if the lights are on. Once she entered there, we shouted ''Surprised'' to her, but shit she entered only after 2 or 3 seconds! Can't she just walk a little bit faster~? :3 Okay so no matter how we did surprised her! Guess what, she cried. WAHAHAHAHA I'm so HAPPY!! xD 

Okay Pictures Time!!! 
The chocolate cheese cake! She hint us so many times that she want chocolate cheese as her birthday cake! =.=

The decoration! 
Gary drew this for her hahaha how cute!

I got to capture some foods. Highly recommend to you because their foods are way so special and delicious!
Their service is great too! Just a bit costly but once a time is okay what.
Just go to have a try!

My hot chocolate. They put two marshmallows for me instead of the fresh cream.  

See how they decorate the dish. 

My favorite spaghetti, I ordered this every times I went there!


Here will be all of my faces!

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