Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How's your March?

Happy April Fool everyone!!!

This day also represents March has ended.
That's my month.
But my March is not really that eventful.
Friends around me are not here for me.

I want to go to find them.
I want to meet them.
If only if I could.
I really hope when I start my degree, I can ''jio'' them to meet every weekend!

Here I will just sumz up my not-so-eventful March !
Hopefully it can cheers up your day if you are being fooled.

Beginning of March.
I was in KL that time.
Together with my boyfriend.
I was planning to celebrate my birthday in advance with him,
but he was not prepare anything. *crying*
Okay, at least I got a cake to eat!

We visited the newly open cafe, Tous Les Jours which is near to Pavilion.
I love how they renovated the building.
So classy!
Once I entered I was like ''WOW!!''
And then got attracted by the breads and cakes and some huge macarons!

That day was full house.
Luckily I spotted a seat for both of us while queue-ing for order.

I got to try their Red Velvet cake.
Superrrrrr yummy!
I love the cheese on top!
Their Caramel Macchiato is nice too!

I had been very disappointed.
He didn't prepare a cake for me.
So I ask If the Red velvet just now considered as my bday cake?
He answered yes. </3
Then I got balanced out and didn't felt gloomy anymore. LOL

So TADAAAA That's my bday cake!
My first try red velvet cake!

Before I left KL
We went to Pasta zanmai to have our lunch!

Eighth of March

My birthday.
Few days ago, I ordered a cake from my mom's friend.
I customized the cake.
She sent us the cake around 7pm on 7th.

I was so happy that night! 
I love the cake very much!
Thanks my mom!

Still my rule :- No cake Not Birthday

BTW, The cake baker supplies cake for Coffee Bug!
Go try her cakes there!

Very refreshing Lemon crepe cake!! 

OMG I'm craving for it again!

Night time of 8th, 
I went to Dannok together with Tang, Shan and Meg!
Been so excited as it was the first time I went to Thailand!!

Specially thanks to Meg teoh for bought me a tiramisu crepe cake from blackwood!
Love Ya and Love the cake too! 

Middle to the end of March

Cheng Beng season.
I went to Penang Kek Lok Si on the first round.
Relatives seem lesser compared to last year.
But we still prepared a lot of foods and my cousin made some jellies for us.

The second round was near to Pokok Sena.
We ran three places in a morning.
So exhausted!

31st of March

Yesterday, I went to Dannok again!
This time was together with my families!
So this time I took a lot of selfies there!
Too many pictures...
Pictures for both days will be share in next post!

Stay tuned, people!

This is how I passed my March!
How's your March? 

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