Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hi readerss!

I'm here again to share the pictures of me when I went to Dannok last month.
I went twice.
With friends and with my family as mentioned in previous post!

If you haven't read the post,
here you go if you keen! 

So, firstly, thanks ah Tang for bringing all of us to Dannok!
The weather was good!
The lights all opened.
There was quite crowded.
We had to wait for our sequence to take pictures with the decorations sometimes.

We spent about an hour there with just taking pictures.
Ended up rushing to spend the RM10 voucher before going back.

FYI, The ticket is free of charge with minimum spending of RM10.

So here's the pictures!
But first...

okay no selfie for now! HAHAHA
*It is so trending now!*

Shocked me when I'm blogging!!

The lights over there was too bright.
Most of the pictures are too dark.
''Dark'' I mean yours truly-ME
So I chose some that look okay one to post!
Those dark photos really can't see me in the picture!
can only see the lights LOL

Okay I seriously love the artificial snow!
It made me wanna go travel when winter's come!

Spotted Me(with white shirt) and shan!

Disappeared in second!

We actually knew 瞬间移动 one !!
Google said it calls Teleport.
Not sure if you all got watch 来自星星的你 or not?

One of my favourite.
The dolphins are cute!

Ladies of the night!
The most right is Meg.

Any spongebob fans over there??? 

Before leaving we spent the voucher on this.
I didn't mix well so the taste was very strange.



The second day
It was raining.
We arrived there an hour earlier.
While waiting, start raining.
  Too unlucky.

Then we took pictures in the rain.
Sounds romantic huh?
NO, my bro's phone almost get wet.

the stalls not really started selling food.
the chairs were all wet.

And then we found some chairs and wipe the rain off.

Luckily the rain stopped after half an hour, more or less.

And then I started taking pictures!

#letmetakeaselfie works here! 

Poor huge duckling.
Only got to show its half face.


The voucher to redeem food and drinks.

With my mom.
Sitting Dut Dut Car LOLL

Before leaving,
we went to 7-11 to buy some snacks and the yogurts.
Craving of desserts again so I bought a cup of ice cream!

Anyone planning to visit there?? 

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