Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Exam week · Study break

¡¡ ɔıʇɔǝɥ ɔıʇɔǝɥ

I'm undergoing a hectic life. May of 2012, I'm facing my Mid Term Examination. I had registered for six subjects, that are Academic English, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Management,  Intro to Accounting, Intro to Information Technology and MORAL... ( the most wasting time subject )Six subjects included compulsory subject.  

**Marketing is the subject which is really difficult to understand ! Distrust? Come on, I'll borrow you my textbook.And you will know how hard is it then. **The day before our examination, we skipped our IT class which is start from 1p.m till 4p.m.(Please don't imitate ! >o<) After dismissed the morning class, we headed to Sock Sock's apartment. Started our revision and tried to memorized those important points, and those definitions as well. 

**Spiritual food provided ! How good is the service. =D Nestle Honey Stars, Coco Crunch and Sunsweet. 
Photos took while studying. 

Sock Sock ( Right ) - A pretty girl.

The photo of Kuma-Kuma and I. Cute tortoise. I like it. =)

Went to have a break after studied for hours.

Huge bears! I have one,too. In Pink colour.

Desserts at 唐伯府. Taste good ! I will patronize here again next time. =)
Pic edited by Lion.

Life is tough, but we sure can be tougher ! trust !

A short update for today. In a hurry to do revision for coming exam.*sob...

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