Saturday, July 19, 2014

Malacca with Love.

Malacca is a place where me and my boyfriend always want to go to.  Their foods and their unique buildings. Awww~ I went there once when I was 12. Well, the memories faded. So this time I went there together with my boyfriend and a couple who are both my old friends, we know each other more than 10 years. Supposedly we were 4 couples but ended up 2 couples were not able to make it. It must be more interesting if we all can make it.

On the first day, we depart from Bandar Tasik Selatan which is a bus station near to my Uni. People said the journey only takes one and a half hours but we took 3 hours to reach Melaka Sentral. I was so exhausted after reaching there, I felt dizzy. Luckily I felt better after we took a cab headed to our hotel. We stayed in Wana Riverside Hotel with the rate of MYR101 per night after including all taxes. Their room is pretty big and a staff will come over to carry your luggage once you step into their hotel.  We quickly done with all our luggage thingy and we headed to Jonker Street to seek for some foods as we didn't take our lunch yet.

Selfie once I found there was a big mirror inside bathroom! 

Mirror Mirror everywhere!  
We found a shop that sells chicken rice balls. It is somewhere in the Jonker Street. The ''original'' old shops is located at the head of Jonker Street which is just opposite to 三叔公 that sells local products. We didn't know it is just so near! This shop's chicken rice balls is okay too, just maybe I don't like how it is, Hahaha. I prefer chicken rice more, the traditional chicken rice. Not to mention, their roasted chicken, char siew and corned eggs are really nice! There was a long queue outside the old shops when we found it. We didn't have time to wait for our turn so we just gave up. If you have time, go to try both shops!  Or maybe you can tell me how tasty is the chicken rice balls? so I have a motivation to queue up for it next time! :P 


We got ourselves 5 rice balls per person. More than enough. 
Friends said my boyfriend is tall. :P

We got our energy back after our late lunch! We walked along the Jonker Street to go to the Christ Church area. The places all can be reach by walking. Well, walking and looking at the scenery really can delight your trip! I found a stall selling 鸡蛋冰, which is a egg-shaped ice cream. Many website said it is one of the must-try foods when you come to Jonker street. I bought one of peach flavour. It tasted like a yogurt ice cream, sweet and sour. The best cooler as the weather was really hot! Nothing much special just I love cute things so I like it very much and I kept the plastic cone. Use to put my sweets now. ^.^ 
The river. The hotel is just beside the river. Cross the bridge then we can reach Jonker Street!

Like this photo taken by boyfriend. 
Then we reached the Stadthuys. Finished my egg-shaped ice cream quickly and went to take photos with the landmarks! There were so many tourists, most of them were wearing same shirts, following the tour that keep waving the flag. Owhhh...I miss my graduation trip.  :( The place is well protected, the blooming flowers, the clean roads, the nice people. I love Malacca.

I like the flowers so so much! 

Think about Sock Sock when I saw this. Wonder whether she will take a ride on this or not. ♥ :D
We went to A Famosa after that. I recalled back the memories when I was 12, I walked very hard to reach there. The distance wasn't short. I took pictures with the cannon, but where the pictures go? :( Is okay though, I had pictures now, make them as a last long memories. 

The another couple of the trip! 

Too boring so I took random photos while waiting another couple to come out.

Your's truly and her boyfriend 

I think I really need to buy him a sport shoes. >,< Asked him to wear covered shoes as we need to walk a lot, then he wore this formal shoes. 

There behind! One Two JUMP!!

The girlfriends of him and him. :) 

The one and only group photo of us.
The weather was too hot so we didn't stay longer. We headed to Mahkota Parade to try the famous Nadeje crepe cake. The crepe cake is nice, but I think I tried a better one so hmmm... Hahaha. One crepe cake is like MYR9.90, without taxes!

Next was the Maritime Museum, we didn't go inside, just took some pictures outside and that's it. I went in there when I was 12, nothing much inside.

Walked by the riverside to go back to Jonker Street!
We tried a lot of food at the pasar malam. Without pictures because take out the camera is too risky. Hahahaa. Too many people there. We paid a visit to Geographer too, a restaurant for 夏日么么茶 drama shooting. Their spaghetti is nice. I did take some photos at here.  :P 

Drinking the refreshing coconut.

The spaghetti!

We back to our hotel to wash up after that. Really tired as we walked too much. But we still went to a cafe to have a drink, chatting then just the first day ended! 

Go for a trip with your another half is really a good choice to enhance your relationship. What's better than sharing all those beautiful moments with your love one? ♥ 

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