Monday, September 7, 2015


Just finished a Hot Cup
Now is 11:32pm
I always felt hungry at this hour...
I'm 21. 
Is this the stage that gain weight even you're breathing?
Not a bad thing tho
I was longing for this day to come since years ago
I gained weight
So, one of my resolutions checked.
Congrats me. 

I have class tomorrow
Hmm...tomorrow's evening
Make it clearer.. tomorrow at 630pm
Everyone is going home
See only myself climbing up to the Uni 
I'm climbing even the road is flat 
That's so lonely
Everyone is walking in the opposite direction
That sky is dark 
I'm surrounded by darkness. LOL
Then only I feel a little relieved when I enter the class
Seeing still 30+ fellows stay back with me 

Joyce Chu came to UCSI today
For performances.
She sang 3 songs if I'm not mistaken
I didn't get to see her anyway
But before the event starts, I saw boySSS gathered in front of the stage
Okay boysss, relaxxxx...
Btw, are the lenses looking nice?

Wondering how I'm here writing this 
I was searching for my FYP topics just now
Maybe I clicked on the tabs too frequent
then I accidentally clicked blogger
Felt this post is too boring because all are in words.
Okay I gonna add some colour on it later. 

Ohya, I get to try the carbonara from Plan B
like finally
It was the 4th times
but still I can't find the taste I ate at the very first time
Still searching for nice carbonara 
add some bacon on it
some mushrooms perhaps
make it as sticky as possible...
add more cheesseee powder.. Dayummmmmm...

Colours added as promised HAHAHAHA

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