Monday, July 9, 2012


So, now is the month of July ! Final exam is just around the corner. Yeaaa, it's falls on 27th of this month. It is roughly 17 days to go start from today !! Damn it...6 subjects are waiting for me to revise. Can i handle them well ?? Oh no...!!! Stop saying nonsense, I should start to do revision instead of keep on complaining about them ! * Don't ! T_T   

For your information, there are a lot of oil paintings that are painted by a guy at Penang ( Jetty area). img81/2466/th009ff7.gifI'm not sure how many paintings have been drew by him , but I'm sure that there is 7 paintings in that area. Each of them is located at different places. Respectively, is Chew Jetty,Armenian street, Muntri street, Ah Quee street and Cannon street!img148/7281/th017mo0.gif
An orange camera is on the painting which I ady found. Photobucket

The 2nd painting of 2nd column was found at Chew Jetty . It is at the almost end of the bridge. And then the paintings of the lower right corner and upper right corner ( last column, I means. =.=), I found them inadvertently !! How lucky I am !! So, still left 4 paintings(broken heart, a man with a motorbike,little girl that is climbing the wall, and an uncle on the yellow wall.) that I haven't view.*A task for my sem-break!Woohoo ~Photobucket
** Attention !! **
Anyone who know where are the left 4 paintings located, please tell me and guide me the directions ! Or I will find those paintings from day to night ... *choked.

I like this very much ! PhotobucketDonno why .. =)
But my cousin from HongKong like to pick on my dress up . img142/873/th1218127127gw0.jpg Abt my dress and why I didn't put on some make up!
I really feel more comfortable without putting on any make up.
And the dress looks casual !  *I like casual attire like T-shirt and short jeans!

P.s : Stop here ! Studying now. Stay tuned to my next update =) 

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