Friday, July 13, 2012


For this post, I will blog about the Mid-Term that just passed for about 5 weeks. *Lol...I can't rmb... So for such a long period, I ady got my mid-term's result. Quite Satisfactory ! *Giggling. Haha :D  I never thought tat I can passed the exam. >,< Too underestimate myself !  Wahaha ! *Get out of control.

But now, I will have to face my Final Exam soon. Ermm, at the end of this month ! Very disappointed to myself... :( Now I'm running out if time, but still, I can't concentrate on my studies ! The reason is that I've been attracted by a Hong Kong's drama-护花危情! The main actors are Bosco Wong and Linda Chong.
LOOK ! They are so match ! 

I watch this from PPS, now only have the episodes of 1-8 ! 
One episode of the movie will be updated every Monday to Friday ~ 
so I will wait for them patiently ! 

Some picture of the movie !

So so so Handsome ! haha *fascinated @,@

Oh she is so pretty and exudes a temperament !♥ her ! 

Hero to the rescue !

She is an outstanding cellist . 

Just admit..yea...I'm lazy xD so i use it as an excuse ! xD

Okay, just talk about the other! I was lucky enough recently. Can't deny, this month really treated me very well. Thank you ~
This is the online shop that held an activity -- online lucky draw .
At first, i just want to try and also because of the dress . ♥ look nice ~!
Then I followed the steps and join the lucky draw . 
Few weeks later, I saw the page posted out the lucky winner .*of course, that's not me! 
and so i just forget about it. 
Manatau a weeks later the page sent me this! ↑↑

I can wear the dress ! But the dress seems a bit long...

Treasure what we have ! 

The post seems like nothing is related to the title. >o< I just pick the title randomly..Sorry if the post has let you down..  Bye Bye and Good Night ! 

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