Thursday, May 29, 2014

A long absence

Starbucks is just right infront of the uni but I haven't get to buy a cup of frappocino!
Hi you readers and bloggers!
I've been disappeared for quite a long time.
I seldom update my days my events because I just started my new study life.
Everything are new so I need to adapt myself into them very fast.
Luckily, I knew a few very friendly housemate.
Who make me feel not alone for staying so far from my hometown. 

I adapt myself quite fast.
Here,to me the environment is nice .
Just the university is a little big too big for me.
I felt exhausted everytime I walked to class.
The distance to Uni is fine but the more tiring is from the entrance to class.
I think I can make it as an training for me to join the Marathon on few months later.

The condominium I'm staying right now.
The pool is so attractive but too bad I don't know the way swimming. 

Actually today I'm not going to share any events happened recently.
At this hours is too late to share with.
I'm babbling in this post just to keep it alive. HAHA
It is dying... :(
So Stay tuned for the next post about my didy's birthday celebration!
Ohya! I discovered a lot of delicious foods here!
I start to love this place!
I want to try all the foods!
Hmmm, it is rice balls with taofuhua.
and there is clack sesame and peanut fillings inside the rice balls.
So delicious!

this one is a Roti Banana.
The shop is just outside my condominium which I'm staying.
I bet everyone loves banana will love this too!
Very banana!

I talked to my housemate in cantonese just now.
We laugh madly and I think I can talk to KL people in cantonese now. HAHA
''sek xiu xiu ban doi biu,
ban doh doh bei yan diu.''


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