Thursday, May 1, 2014

Labour Day Lazy Day

Happy Labour Day!!!

I'm lazy recently.
Not a normal lazy, is kinda weird lazy.
I think I still not adapted to the new environment.

So, today is Labour Day.
Everyone is going to mall and here might having a huge jam.
So I stay indoor.
Together with my boyfriend.
I'm tired.
 I woke up at around 1pm and slept again at around 4pm until 8pm.
and people were having protes at dataran merdeka.

Now I think I'm energetic enough
So I play my facebook games and start blogging.

To make it easy,
I'm going to blog about my events happened.
Only 2 events.


There was a Blood Donation Campaign held in Pacific Alor Setar.
My mom's club's so my brother and I went to help.
I woke up early in the morning and we went to had our breakfast at the kopitiam near to Star Parade.
Their Hokkien Mee is nice!

I never donate blood.
I plan to donate next year.
But the problem is I'm afraid of the needle.
I'm underweight too.
I hope I have the courage next year.

The event ran smoothly.
We were able to collect 98 bags of blood.
So we had a dinner that night.

I joined a camp.
I registered through online.
I had insomnia on the previous night.
I'm not sure I'm nervous or I'm still not adapted.
But still, I slept for only 2 hours and woke up before alarm.
I done prepared and I went to the camp.

I feel dizzy right after noon.
Then there was a lunch time and we got to enjoy the buffet.
Then I felt better after had my lunch.
They had cakes for me!

Then we start our station game at night.
It calls Survival Adventure.
There was 9 stations.
Each distributed at Block A and Block C.
The distance is far. 
The way to go to Block C from Block A has to climb 2 staircases and walk along the long ramp.
During the game, we had to use staircase instead of lift.

My period came right on the morning.
Seriously why it comes now?!
Okay that's why I felt dizzy whole day.
I had not enough sleep and I was exhausted.

But the games were fun. 
I like all of them.

We slept in the hall.
With sleeping bag.
The first time I sleep on the sleeping bag.
I felt uncomfortable.
I felt myself ''struggling'' throughout the night.
I think I had not enough sleep again.

Then I had another camp on the other day.
The station games made me had muscles pain.
The next day, Station games again.
I didn't have my breakfast.
I thought they will prepare.
So I went to there and we started the games.
I forgot I was hungry.
After the games, my friend asked me whether I ate something or not
Then I realized I haven't eat, I felt dizzy again.

Ohya, I made some friends there. 
I think so far the closest should be Sin Yan.
She is taking foundation in Music
She learns piano!
She is younger than me.

Then a friend name Jia Shin.
We are same age and taking the same degree.

And a girl name May Fong.
She is nice. She is taking foundation too.

And 2 or 3 more, I forgot them.
I'm bad. I try to recall back now yeah

I'm going to have my dinner now.
Bye bye!!! 


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