Friday, October 31, 2014

Brought Myself to Singapore[Gardens by the bay]

This was the last day and I'll back to KL to prepare for final exam!
We woke up with broken legs! 
By thinking positively, I take it as a practice for coming Marathon event!
A question came into our mind after we done prepared.
What to eat for breakfast?

Before I went to Singapore, I found most of the website recommended people to have a breakfast at Ya Kun.
Coincidently we found its branch nearby!
So we went to try Ya Kun's breakfast out!
Ya Kun is famous with their Kaya jam. 
Bff said the kaya tastes more sweet than others.
I can't differentiate them though. Haha.

Then we had our dessert after breakfast.
The strawberry parfait with chocolate fillings.

Then I met with the most beloved Annabelle!
Oh dear, I watched The conjuring at least 4 times...


After that we headed to Gardens by the bay, where is one of my to-go list!
There are two conservatories which are Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.
The ticket cost me S$28 for both domes if I'm not mistaken.
We were there during Deepavali so the Flower Dome displayed Indian flowers.
Not attracting for us. Hahaha
-So check for the seasons before visit to there- :)

Finally captured the best shot after trying for times! hahahaha
Hahahah like I'm advertise New Balance!

The most favourite scene!!! 

Selfie of us.

 It was so comfortable to stay inside the domes. 
Both domes are air-conditioned!
We were so reluctant to leave especially when the weather outside was so hot.
Okay then we went outside, felt like burning! LOL

One of the landmark in Singapore- Supertrees!!

The Supertrees are so awesome pretty right?! Hahahha

Before I left Singapore, I got to try this!
People called it as 一块钱的幸福.
But now the price has increased to S$1.20.
No more 一块钱, should be 一块二的幸福! 

After that I went to Changi Airport together with bff.
Planned to buy cakes from Bengawan because a lot of people recommend it.
Even the tourist from Philippine said must buy their cakes.
But I didn't buy it at last. 
Maybe I can buy it when I have the chance to visit to Singapore again?
Okay, waiting for the chance! hahahha
But no places to visit already :(

 [Here's the few updates of my getaway. I'm now ready to start my working life!Hope it will be fun!]

 Bye guys! Love ya!

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