Friday, December 19, 2014

[Being as elusive as ever]

Hi there. [Wave]
Been busy throughout the nearly-perfect-November.
You know what?
I started my first internship on the very 1st of November.
People were so afraid for every First-Time.
So did I.
Even got butterflies when I first step into the office.

But I'm lucky.
I'm lucky that I get along very well with the colleagues.
They are just so nice.
Teaching me everything from the very basic.
Shooting craps in the office.
I love them and I'm glad.

As a working-holiday,
I spent some of my weekend to hunt for cafes.
Cafes in Alor Setar are like... O.M.G...
Luckily I went to almost every cafes only once.
I don't know why but this is how I live. [Peace]

Coffee D


Feel the christmassyyyyyy!!
Tiffz Cafe

Then there was an incredible thing happened in November.[scream]
I joined the annual Penang Marathon.
10KM to get the certificate.
Didn't know I can actually complete the 10KM but I really did it!!
So incredible!!
Well, never forgot to take pictures while running.
Love my phone because it still last long in a low batt situation! LOL

December almost reach the end.
Let's countdown for my job!

Hi, KayElle!! I'm coming back!!
 Before that, I'm looking for the events about Christmas!

Being so in the mood to blog but I have to off right now!
Merry Christmas, readers!! [Hug]

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