Wednesday, April 11, 2012


4.42 P.M. I woke up when i heard my phone rang. A message from KahKah about the earthquake ! *I didn't felt it.=.= sleepy but still wan to online to know is it real ! 
An 8.9 magnitude earthquake has happened off of Aceh, in Indonesia,so near to us !! 
Many news had spread out. Can't deny,FB news were as speedy as CNNIs it the sign of end of the world become nearer??? So horribly...My earth ! My God! I'm just eighteen ! sweet eighteen! And I'll head to Penang soon ... Please don't do that...

Gurney ! The place I always go to.For lunch,for dinner...
Don't panic .Everything will be fine.

Hopefully all these news are fake ! Pray* Penang,I have many friends staying at penang. Ah Jane!! 1st I think of you ! >,< Luckily u said u there are safe !
Indonesia issues tsunami warning after 8.7 quake ! It is estimated to reach Penang in about 1311zulu, which is 2111Hour(9.11pm) in Penang and tomorrow 2 a.m. at Port Dickson.Stay away from beach ya ! Take care ! =)

Let us pray for all Indonesians ! 
And for us too !

p.s : Cherish the present one ! 

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