Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello Kitty

I had downloaded a Hello Kitty's games few days ago.
Seems that I'm so free and nothing to do at home...
I'm not Hello Kitty lover,but it is really addictive.
Btw, I'm Bear lover >,^
Rilakkuma lar~ Winnie the Pooh lar~~or cute cute de bear lar~~~xD
Return to my topic...
This game is just like Cafe Mania or what what mania ..=.=
But this 1 is cuter~ =D
Have u download from market?
It doesn't need a big space~
but likely need more battery when u open it once...
Haha ! xD I'm here to recommend  u all to download this game ~
Of course,is just for who are free to play game~
I'm addicted~
But it is too bad because it cant hire more assistants...=(
3 is the max..
and the others need to buy with $$$...

I like this Big Hello Kitty!! Once it appears,i can earn thousands!! 

See...need $$$ to buy the assistants...
except the bear beside the hello kitty in yellow,
and the bear on the right of the second row~~

Look cute??? Download now then .=)

PS : Not in a good mood...A short post...Stay tuned~ =)

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