Friday, January 27, 2012


Flashy HeartsDear,Beating Heart...forever and ever...

I won't leave you alone 
                although we are far apart right now...Flashy Hearts

It's a promise we made
since the first day we became a sweet couple...
Beating Heart .
and i won't fall in love with another boy anymore...
because you are the best and of course
i don't wanna look for the better
In the days before today,
you gave every care to me
you forgave my faults
you worry about my health
you gave everything that i want
you kept all the best thing for me
you will complete the promises you said

Dear,I'm sorry...
for always break the promises i said
I'm sorry... for ignored your feelings...
Dear,please forgive me
i'm too capricious
i'm too emotional
i'm too stubborn
i'm too indecisive
and i know all of these
032i'll try very hard to make myself better032

I'm not perfect
I always let you cry,felt unhappy and so on...
thank you ,dear...
for always stay by my side
be concern about me
and i wish that we will become a perfect match

Dear,Beating Heart
although i'm forgetful,but i'm still remember
the date we chose
and the anniversary of us
i believe that we will celebrate it together
every years

Dear, believe yourself
you are the best
and Beating Heart so much
don't leave me,ok?
i need you ... =)

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