Wednesday, March 21, 2012


21st of March,a very terrible day for all SPM candidates 2011,or maybe it's just a day they were looking for a long time.Most of them were facing insonmia before the day ,according to the status on FB. xD For me,the particular day was not so important because the result of SPM had no use in my future.But,I rushed back to Alor Setar to got my result too,because I'm curious about it...

On that day, I will face my final exam of business on 2p.m. So rush but I supposed I can't concentrated to answer the questions if i didn't get my result.LOL...After estimated the time,I had to take the result as fast as possible and departed before 12 noon!

I reached school before 10a.m ,met and greeted some friends.Time flies...Finally we got our documents for 5 years.Now ,the Principle was reading the names of the students with 7 A's and above to go to the Bilik Mesyuarat via broadcasting machine.I hear carefully...Got my name ! 

Mr.Ng was standing by my side.I ask him:''Did you heard my name?!Did you heard my name?!" (look silly)He let me take a look on the list,I found that I got 7 A's,2B's and 1C...A bit crazy because it's higher that my expectation very very much !

After taking Kah's result,I went to the Bilik Mesyuarat with my family.Sat at there and listening to the speech convey by 拿督骆明贤.After that,all of the students got their result and can see the happiness on their face.

My mom was very happy when she knew my result.Called to my grandmother to share the happiness.All SPM candidates 2011 took a photo together and supposed to take a look on the newspaper for the next day. 
love this.non-edited.

It was already 11.30 a.m,must reached Penang on time ! Arghhh...

Luckilly,I reached there before 2p.m. Found my friends and waiting for the exam time.Chit Chatting about the result of SPM,Jia Hui was so upset because of her result...crying for it...sayang...

Choose 4 of the 5 questions,each question carries 25 marks. What the...I answered all of them with my common sense...gonna to answer 2 pages for 1 question !
Boom Boom Boom...

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