Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tetris Battle

Owh...Tetris !  
Daily Routine ??
Breakfast is a must !
Lunch is a must !
Dinner is a must !
FB is a must !
Tetris is a MUST too ~
Start to play Tetris since i saw my lovely brother was beating his keyboard !
And now , my rank is higher than him,as well as the level ! Weeeee~Kissy Rilakkuma Pixel
Of course ...I play it everyday ... collecting 5 of the bonus and never miss it !!
Haha ! Proud ! Proud? Haiz...
Ady addicted to Tetris, even though i will face my final exam soon...WT...
But it could be become better ,Kissy Rilakkuma Pixel because I play few rounds if compare to before ! 

Anyone ever insomnia because of creating a game in mind?? Hehe ! Hands !Kissy Rilakkuma Pixel
Collecting Bonus ? I ady hv 4 times of unlimited energy ! Going to use all  after exam ! 
Found this accidentally ! Look nice ! 
Overcome ur componen within 2 minutes !
Have you all upgared?? Speed up ur line clear and left right move !
Big Love for KahKah ! ^^

Smaller Love for Tetris ! ^^

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