Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ice-Cream Day

I love Ice-Cream,do you?? 
This is a post i should write for last few days
we went to Hotel Samila to test their ice-cream.Hmm...He had recommended.
Sound so luxury ,but it really be.
Here some photos we took at there -

I like this, bcuz he smiles...


 self-shot , Haha 

 Trying to capture the banana Spilt and I

 Arghh ! He wanted to kill me ! wonder why I still smiling ><

 Red Rose.Can u see it?

 Flash ! >< I'm nt that fair !

 Hmm...He is tall. No worry to wear high heels !
Banana Spilt ! so nice it look ,right? 
 Oppsss.... jz ignore this =P
Our seat.

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