Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Presentation week

What a busy week here,busy with our report,preparation,and finding informations...

Jane-Etheng-sying-ME-Sock Nee-Jia hui

Unfortunately,we were the 1st group had to present in Academic English.Un Un Unfortunately,We were the 2nd group need to present in Intro To Business... sad cases....
Hmmm...we had 2 presentation on the same day...ya ! ONE-SHOT !

Think from another side,this was a good arrangement too. Since we don't have to worry about next presentation after Tuesday !
Before the day of presentation,i got help from my brother who was ex-student in KDU,likely he will knows the style in presentation.The tips from him was to make fun in my presentation....OMFG!
I try...practice until midnight to make myself  easier to get started.
And on the presentation day,i'm very nervous as this was the 1st time for me.After making 'jokes',both of my presentations were end.
Nervous but i think we gained a lot of experience,right? 

Our beloved lecturer-Mr Johnson


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